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Semilla bandera necklaces

Semilla bandera – ‘seed flag’ in Spanish. They are made by huichol people, native american ethnic group of western Mexico. This is a very traditional beading work for the huichol, and usually they incorporate designs inside of the flags. For dosa exclusively, they made solid flags. Claudia, who owns a company called Kalosoma (http://kalosoma.com.mx), has been working very closely with the artisans in Mexico. We were so happy to be able to collaborate with her and the huichol!

The colors are available in blue, yellow, cranberry, red, orange, white, and turquoise. Flags are about 1cm (3/8″). Because they are hand-made, the sizing slightly varies:

The chain is about 16 inches:


Anna in dosa

Thank you for letting us take a picture of you.

You looked so amazing in this outfit. We love how you put them all together!

Here’s the outfit she created:

Rabari jacket:

Indian Tank:

Tassel pareo (optional: ruffle skirt under the pareo):

Chambray wide leg pants:

New spring coat is in.

Beautiful coat came in the new style – a coat dress. The fabric is hand woven with heirloom cotton and linen. Available in light indigo as well!

How we like to wear dosa – all whites

We love layering different shades of whites together. It’s really beautiful.

Styled by RR.


1. Reversible bolero jacket, shell top, judo pants:

Check out the detail of the shell top and the jacket. You can see the patchwork lace through the hand woven cotton:

2. Bolero jacket (reversed), Susan camisole, Half slip with daily lace, Pants with lace:

3. Baby alpaca cardigan with hand crochet elbow patches, Susan camisole, Kyrgyz skirt, Pants with lace:

4. Shell with puff sleeve (silk layered with cotton, muslin sleeves), Kyrgyz skirt (reversed), Half slip with daily lace, Mochilas bag:

How we like to wear dosa

(Styled by RR)

Vintage handkerchief vest, indigo cami, gasali shorts:

Organic tassel kurta, mameshibori cami, tuareg cotton pants:

Cotton/linen field jacket, mameshibori shell top, reversible mini wrap, cotton pants with lace:

The jacket comes in two colors and it looks like this (really nice!):

Carolina dress, meghan chemise, tassel pareo, sheer wool shawl:

Blue outfit

Rhonda had a beautiful outfit in all blue today, even the shoes. It was so pretty that I had to take a photo of her. She always put things together so well.

She has ballet wrap, aleppo tunic, and lungi….. and gudi mudi scarf. Look how pretty the stripe and blue indigo together:

This is aleppo tunic:

Lungi. Can be worn as a scarf too:

Sheer wool shawl

lightest wool in the world (I think). Soft as feathers……

Gudi mudi scarf

Gudi mudi project is based in Maheshwar, central India. It is a program supported by Women Weave, which is NGO dedicated to improving lives of women weaver in rural area of India. Gudi mudi project creates more sustainable means of income for the local cotton farmers and more jobs for women who were previously unemployed. They use organic, local Nimari cotton. The textile is hand spun, hand woven by the women.

It’s always good to know things you like come from a good place that has meaning. This beautiful scarf definitely came from a good, sustainable place. It feels good to own it.

There’s so much more to learn about Gudi mudi project and Women Weave. Here are a few links:



Diamond earrings

22K gold with .5 Carat diamond each. To give the strength the gold that’s holding the diamond is 14K. They might seem small, but they catch the light and sparkle so beautifully that they will sparkle you and your life :-). I wish the photo captured the clearness of the diamond better…..

Gitto Print

Check out this beautiful block print designed by Gitto Patni, who is a master of block print in India. Here at dosa, two dresses and a cami were created using her print.

Carolina dress:

Rajasthani dress: